Sleep Still Charnel Horse


Book cover for the novel by Ro McNulty, Sleep Still Charnel Horse

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"It was like something from the fringe of a bad dream, fraying the edges of the waking world and leering in."

Do you hear it?

The scraping footstep up the stair…

Do you see it?

The shadow on the wall, large and human until you glance above the neck…

Wolton Scarp is a ghost of a town, rotted by industrial chance, and its sins are scraping ever closer. In the center of this destruction are the Dyers, a family rotted outwardly by the destruction of their town and inwardly by the force that toys with their memories and pasts. Leon Dyer never remembers the same thing twice; Ryan Dyer is desperate to escape, to find his mum; Carla, Leon's girlfriend, is hounded through her sleep by strange visions and crescent bruises.

As the otherworldly increasingly enters their lives, they begin to plot their escapes.

But guilt never lets go that easily...