Indomitable Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered Print


For the Fans, funded and commissioned by the Fans.

This is a commissioned painting of Yoritomo and Kachiko from Legend of Five Rings, standing together with indomitable presence. The painting was completed on 08/01/17. The purpose of this painting was to welcome the relaunch of Legend of Five Rings as a new franchise this coming Gencon 2017, and for the fans to have something memorable to enjoy and commemorate the event with.

I would like to personally thank the following Patrons for supporting this effort. Their investment made this commissioned painting a reality:

  • Dan Dineen
  • David Lapp
  • Bradley Reeves
  • David Orange
  • Monjoni Osso

This artwork does not represent any branding or style or story or character direction or implication thereof belonging to Fantasy Flight Games.

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