Characters Package


The Characters Package includes all four (4) Character Paintings at a discounted price plus the chapter introduction painting for free. All five paintings share the same size and format as each other: stretched canvas, black wooden box frame, or rolled archival print. So if you purchase the 4 6x9 framed canvas prints option, the free print will also be 6x9 framed canvas print.

The Characters Package features Andoc, Neria Ferch Dubnus, Pontia Blecca, and Redwarld. These four characters are playable characters for either players or GM, complete with their own backgrounds, and may be used within the campaign of Age of Arthur: Time of the Wolves. They are found in chapter 7, in the Characters section.

The chapter's introduction painting features a montage of all four characters' portraits.

Interior illustrations for Age of Arthur: Time of the Wolves, expansion for Age of Arthur.

Age of Arthur is a tabletop rpg created by Graham Spearing and Paul Mitchener, Wordplay Games